client 1 helps CSM’s pinpoint every customer’s unique needs for current and future delivery.

Phyllis Alexander

Director of Customer Success at Abstract

Proactively prevent churn and uncover upsell opportunities using AI

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Vinod Varma

Customer Retention Expert

Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

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Customer Success Teams need Prioritization, Alerts, Actionable Insights, and Easy Workflow.


Your team will have clear prioritization with real-time health scores. So that they can drive quantifiable efforts to reduce churn and improve upsells.


Your team will receive real-time early warnings on changes in customer behaviors so that they can proactively focus on preventing churn and pinpoint expansions  — in minutes not weeks.


Teams can understand the hidden reasons for the drop and increase in the health scores. And CS Managers can start taking action without opinions.


Combining industry best practices with the latest in artificial intelligence, our smart automated actions to get your at-risk clients back on track.

Security. By Design.

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