The business value of taking B2B customer experience seriously.

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The last few years have seen an appreciable increase in the attention paid to the discipline of customer experience – However, much of this focus has been on b2c Markets. Unfortunately, the same cannot be claimed consistently for business-to-business firms: B2B customer experience performance still lags other markets and can often struggle for attention against myriad other corporate priorities.

For organizations, the time is now. Customers are already expecting a better CX from B2B organizations, and at least 80% of B2B buyers now expect the same buying experience as B2C customers.

The business value of taking b2b customer experience seriously.

Modern enterprises with significant customer bases are starting to implement customer experience practices and understand voice-of-customer(VoC) to better serve. But at your company, if you are not convinced of improving Customer Experience and Success;  here are some great insights that were put together by Zendesk and Invesp, who conducted a survey on thousands of B2B companies:

  • High churn rates due to bad customer experience

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  • Customer Experience is the key driver to loyalty and retention.

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  • Your existing Customers are ready to spend more. 

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  • Customer retention is the key to profitability. 

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  • Severe difficulty in selling to new customers

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  • Less cost to retain than acquire

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