A low annual contract value(ACV) from customers puts SaaS companies into low-touch and tech-touch, as hiring a Customer Success Manager for every 30-50 customers is not economically viable. Typically small & medium size business customers fall under this category.

So having best practices that are tested and showed positive results are very critical for your Customer Success Managers.

Below are the five best practices that are worked with the top SaaS companies in the industry, Let’s dive into them.

  1. The key is creating personalized engagements and a channel to take it to a direct meeting when necessary. Keep all digital engagements as warm and personal as possible and carefully craft all messages/interactions so they provide the right message at the right time and be prepared to adjust them as needed.
  2. Per CSM, work on a plan for one-to-many touches via webinars, short video snippets, emails, etc. You will see a lot of traction from usually quiet customers. They love sending their team members to webinars, asking questions, and interacting with the CSM team and industry peers.
  3. Build a dynamic health scoring system on account risks and opportunities with critical KPIs (Product usage, finance, CRM, Support, Sentiment, Interaction Frequency, Sentiment etc) of your business that will alert your CSMs on changes in scores.
  4. Automatically create action items(using predictive analytics and automation) on accounts from risk and opportunity alerts for CSM to work on. This will prioritize the important accounts for the day/week per and best utilize CSM’s time and energy. Managing a huge volume of accounts without letting anything fall through the cracks can be tricky, but this step will help you avoid that.
  5. Think of investing in creating a customer community. They can be a huge hit in the scaled model when done right.