Customer Sentiment Analysis for Customer Success Teams

Read Time 1 mins | Written by: Vinod Varma

Tracking Customer Sentiment & Intent for potential churn and upsell opportunities using Sentiment Analysis:

Nowadays, our company’s tools record every conversation we have with our customers through messages, emails, and calls. There is tremendous value in synthesizing these conversations to uncover hidden insights into future customer behavior.

But there is more to it. The text in support tickets and NPS/CSAT surveys also significantly impact customer intent for renewals, upsells, and churns.

Constantly monitoring them and proactively alerting CS Managers will help hit the Net Revenue Retention goals for the company.

Below are five types of customer data to capture all the clues customers leave to us.

1. Email(Outlook & Gsuite)

2. Chats(Intercom, Hubspot, Olark, etc.)

3. Support Tickets(Zendesk, Freshdesk etc)

4. NPS/CSAT Surveys

5. Public reviews(G2 Crowd, GetApp, etc.)


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Vinod Varma