Technical Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Understanding Customer Data, Being a Team Player, Project Management, Communication and Product Understanding. These are the 7 key skills that Industry experts have suggested as the Top 7 Skills that every CSM(Customer Success manager) should know/have.

On the Panel, we have Shankar Sahai, Prashanth Singh & Vinod Varma who’ll further discuss these 7 skills to help us understand how each skill will help you become a better CSM!

Here is a small excerpt from the video:

Technical Skills: “There is an ongoing debate whether technical acumen is good to have skill or a must-have skill. Certainly, a must-have skill for most if not all SaaS products”

Emotional Intelligence:  “encompasses Self-awareness, Social skills- Being friendly but asking tough questions, empathy for the customer but having a desire to push internal teams”

Understanding of customer data and analytics in the context of crisis & opportunities.”Smartly picking & using tools for the job that empower them and increase their productivity”

Team player: “must know how to work as a team. Very underrated. But can be the difference between success and failure”

Project management skills: “includes managing your own time but also being able to keep others on track including customers”

Communication: “Not everything is handed in a customer-facing manner, CSM must be able to work with any sort of documentation and make it useful for a customer”

Desire to learn the product-  “be willing to work at it to the point where you are considered a ninja at it”