The Predictive Growth Platform for Customer Success Teams

Spend less time on guessing which customers need your time and more on taking actions that have a quantifiable impact on revenue.

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Sager AI Product

Hit your Net Retention Rate(NRR) target every quarter

Acting when it’s already too late? Don’t know which account to focus? Few CSMs succeed while most miss?

Only 10% of SaaS businesses ever get past 125% NRR rate. Be in that 10% Integrations

Start syncing data from your favorite SaaS apps in minutes, not weeks or months

Customer Success teams need a better way to make sense of data. allows CS teams to have pro-active churn prevention system

in 3 simple steps:

Connect & Unify

Within 10 days, all of your disparate and messy data is unified by our proprietary AI. No tedious field mapping, and integration effort.

Drive Actions

Your team can monitor, take insights and drive actions to mitigate churn risks and uncover upsell opportunities.

Prevent Churn

Within a month, sager AI models will predict risk accounts and recommended insights with actions with highest possible accuracy

See our Predictive Customer Success Platform in action:

  • Predictive Insights

Unified customer risk profile delivered in real-time

Your team can get started with prioritizing which customers they need to focus on churn prevention expansion activities.

  • Leading Indicators

Understand what are the important indicators causing your customer churn and upsells

No more weights or Averages. Our AI will explain the main reasons for churn risks and expands. 

  • Realtime Alerting

Our AI watches every tiny move and alerts your CS Managers on risks and opportunities. watches every tiny pattern change. In hundreds of features used by your customer, any decline or boost in usage never goes undetected.

  • Automated Actions recommends actions based on CS best practices

Your CS managers don’t need more manual work. They need precise actions that ultimately cut churn and drive customer adoption proactively.

Get started in a week, Teams love

Get started in a week time

Our onboarding process is blazing fast. Users get value from the get go.

Unlimited training and support

Our customers typically get fully onboarded on a first briefing session.

Dedicated Slack Channel

Each of our customers will have a dedicated slack channel for continuous help. 


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“The team is nailing down the hard pressing issues in B2B customer retention with predictive insights. Along with intuitive and easiest tool to use on day-to-day CS operations. ”

Henrik Larsson

Director of CS & Strategy at SimCorp

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